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מעבר למראה-בלוג האמנות של זיוה קורט

על התערוכה של מיכל לזרוביץ - גילגמש והנשים                                             


Curatorial Texts: Nicola Trezzi, 4th of July, Hamidrasha Gallery Hayarkon 19, Tel Aviv, 2019​

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Death Spiral: The hypnotizing video and sound installation of Michal Lazarovitz is atantalizing ode to the power of nature, a celebration of its order – an order weare truly part of, an order we belong to, whether we like it or not – through thesupport of technological devices. The starting point is the found footagedocumenting the movement of blind ants, a type of insect that is known for theso-called Death Spiral (which is also the title of Lazarovitz’s work). Thispeculiar and revelatory phenomenon sees an entire community of antsfollowing the smell of one leader until they all die from exhaustion. In order toemphasize the formal beauty of such tragedy in the world of nature, the artisthas employed the Optical Flow Algorithm to track the movements of the antsand create, thanks to the accompaniment of Sufi music, a multilayeredexperiences in which mankind and animal, the natural and the artificial, imageand drawing become two sides of the same coin.

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The Muses' Visit 2005 - "The Muses' Visit", curator Benno Kalev, "Abstract - Teva".

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